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Volume 4: (2011)
Empowering Nigerian Youths through Information Democratization: The Role of Libraries
-  R.N.C Ugwuanyi

The Role of the Public Libraries in Achieving the Millennium Development Goals in Nigeria and
the Need for Adequate Funding

-  Ugwoke, Benjamin U. CLN

The Impact of Digital Divide on E-learning in Nigeria
-  Nwegbu, Mercy U. (Ph.D) Osadebe, Ngozi E. & Asadu, Boniface U.

Socio-Economic Predictors of Youth Violence in Nigeria: Library Intervention Strategies
-  Echezona, R. I . (Ph.D) Ugwu, C.I. & Ozioko, R E. (Ph.D)

Freedom of Information Act in Nigeria: Its Relevance and Challenges to National Development
-  Nkem Ekene Osuigwe

Appraisal of the Use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in Commercial Banks in Minna Metropolis
-  Dr. Philip U. Akor & Dr. (Mrs.) Julie Udensi

Organizational Factors Affecting Library Resources Provision in University Libraries in North Central Zone of Nigeria
-  Gwang, James Mato

Rethinking Health Education Quality for the Changing Times: The Role of ICT
-  Dr. C.N. Ogbuji

Problem Solving Skills: Information Preference and Use by Library Managers
-  Olayinka Tuyo (Mrs.)

Libraries and Public Information Management in Nigeria’s Democratic Dispensation
-  Abubakar Mohammed Bitagi & Katamba Abubakar Saka

Library Services to the Physically Challenged: Nature, Challenges and Strategies
-  Echezona, R .I, Osadebe, N & Asogwa, B.E

Use of Moys Classification Scheme in Classification of Legal Materials
-  Olayinka Tuyo (Mrs.)